Our Services

Could additional Sales coaching and training help your business?

2SummitUp – I work with coaches & small business owners to help the gain more sales and keep them on track.

I do that in a number of ways..

1:1 Coaching

Online programme to work through yourself – 10 minutes 10 days 10 actions

Weekly Make It Happen Hub – accountability group with a knowledge hub

3 Routes to Sales Success Programme

Online Training

Work through this programme at your own pace. It’s broken down into 10 minute sessions.

The Power of an Hour

Understanding what is stopping us is a key part of us moving forward.

1:1 Sales Coaching

These sessions are bespoke and tailored to what you need in your business

3 Routes to Sales Success

This group programme will help you gain clarity, focus and will help you find a whole host of answers.

Make it Happen Hub

Being accountable to others can be the difference between something getting done and not.