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There are some great things about having our own business but being accountable to ourselves isn’t one of them.   We can all have amazing plans and ideas but unless we put those into practice and make them happen nothing changes. This can result in us feeling drained, demotivated and overwhelmed.

The Make It Happen Hub will be a safe place to share ideas, make decisions, explore options, ask views, get advice or think things through out loud.  As well as a place to be inspired by others to spark creative thinking and to celebrate success and share knowledge.

So, what stops us? It can be skill or will and often it’s a combination of both that holds us back. Let’s be honest when  we start a business we are wearing so many different hats and we are constantly fact finding in areas outside of our expertise so it’s understandable we don’t have all the answers. The Make It Happen Hub is going to help with that too.

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Who it is for?

Small service based business owners who are:

  • Tired of asking themselves the same questions and coming up with the same answers
  • Finding that ‘thing’ is still on your ‘To Do list’ or has disappeared altogether
  • Feeling lost and /or overwhelmed
  • Need focus and accountability
  • Looking to build their knowledge
  • Missing the support of a group
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What can you expect from the hub?

  • A weekly accountability hub with other awesome business owners that will help to keep you on track
  • 90 min session weekly to share goals, actions, progress, successes and challenges
  • There will be Hub rooms of small groups with a host ensuring everyone gets equal time to explore their topic
  • Every week there will be a Knowledge Hub with an expert in their field who will be sharing 3 nuggets that will help your business.

The Make It Happen Hub takes place every Wednesday at 11-12.30 to secure your place for just £35 a month – but try it first register your place in more info.

Make It Happen.

Got some questions get in touch.

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