2SummitUP – there is so much more to a sale than the final transaction. 

I’m Elaine Atherton and my passion and success comes from supporting small businesses in their quest to generate more sales.

Through each part of my career there have been many ‘learning curves’ along the way all of which have given me the wealth and depth of knowledge that I share with my clients – I will be your challenger, cheerleader, your accountability partner and sales coach, working to get you the results you desire.

It is not about being pushy – phew!

Most of us start our own business because we either saw a gap in the market, we are an expert in our field or we are passionate about helping people.

Now you need to know how to sell to generate sales to stay in business. There are a lot of ‘Accidental Sales People’, I started as one myself and still managed to build a business turning over £4 million a year from the investment of £130 by following a structured process – all my programmes give you a step by step guide with defined actions to get your business moving.

I get how you feel I really do…

  • The overwhelming feeling of – what do I do next, where do I start?
  • Lack of clarity in who you are helping and how
  • Too much information and so many experts!
  • Prioritising all the roles /tasks and make some money

My clients tell me I have helped them to develop a clear strategy that starts with small steps leading to confident strides forward using my online sales programme It’s called 10 minutes, 10 days and 10 actions – in 10 days you will understand.

Head to Ten Action to find this programme.

The struggle is real – sometimes we need some accountability

We can spend more time thinking about the things we haven’t done than celebrating what we have achieved.

  • Are you tired of having the same conversations with yourself and not moving forward
  • Do you need a nudge, a sounding board and a challenger/cheerleader in equal measures
  • Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and lacking clarity
  • Do you need to figure out what is stopping you moving forward to generate more sales?
  • Are you looking for an accountability buddy/coach to ‘Make it Happen’?

The Make it Happen Accountability package is a 6 week programme it’s just you, your plan and me and it’s going to help you take some instant steps to move your business forward.

And let’s be realistic often we just need one conversation that will get us right back on track  – which could be 30 or 60 minutes when you need it most.

My very best…


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I believe …..  ‘ All the answers are within us, we just need the right person to ask the questions‘.

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