Starting our own business can feel scary, a bit overwhelming and that’s before we even thinking about selling our products.

There is absolutely so much more to a sale than the final transaction and this programme covers all the things we need to consider when we start our own business.

The programme is broken down into 10 bitesize modules. A new module drops into your dashboard every day for 10 days – you can listen to them at your own pace as they will remain there for you. Some you may spend more time on than others, others you may revisit a number of times.

Each module comes with a 10 minute training session and a worksheet for those who love to write stuff down.

This is what Olivia who works for a networking marketing company said about the programme.

Gayle who is a coach said this…

‘Working with Elaine on 10 minutes 10 days 10 actions could not have come at a better time for me.  With my business in the very early stages of starting out, it truly helped me to put a sales processes and plans into place right from the start.  When you start out in business you know you have to sell, but not everyone can do it and not everyone knows who to sell to and where they hangout, let alone thinking about what happens when you finally get that call from a client! 


This programme helped me to clarify all of that and it was broken down into easy to manage steps – no overwhelm here!


I love Elaine’s approach to selling and putting the customer ahead of everything else and thinking about what you’d want and how you’d like to be treated helps you to put things into perspective.  There are lots of programmes out there that you could choose, but Elaine has so much experience making her a true expert in what she does, she gets it and she will get you and your business.


I’d recommend this programme to anyone whether you are at the start of your business, feel like you have lost your way, or need a new approach.  Either way, I believe that this programme will set you up for success for a long time.’

Gayle Tong – www.




I’ve also added a bonus training on ‘Where do you start when delivering your training online?’


You may be a business owner who started a business because you are an expert in your field, maybe you saw an opportunity or perhaps you just wanted to be your own boss. Whatever your reason it’s unlikely you set out to be a sales guru – but sell we must, to stay in business.

‘I don’t want to be salesy’ is something I hear often – this is great news because your potential clients don’t want you to be either.

The good news is there is so much more to a sale than the final transaction, which means we have an element of control when we create actions and processes that can take us towards our sale – reality is we won’t all be following the same route either and for all those people feeling overwhelmed, missing some pieces of the sales puzzle and looking for answers, the 10 Minutes, 10 Days, 10 Actions programme offers a way to find solutions.

We provide bite-sized answers, spread over a manageable period in a way that fits around your lifestyle, with topics like;

  • Our brand is our identity
  • Who are you speaking to, how can you help them, and where are they?
  • Are you spending time on the ‘right’ things to get the results you need?
  • What are the right things?
  • Why thinking like your buyer is so important
  • The importance of regular processes and actions
  • Identifying what is stopping you
  • Looking at your time stealers
  • Reviewing/analysing your results



This is the course to help you if any of these sound familiar;

  • You’ve started a business because you are an expert in your field
  • You bought a business and sales is not your thing
  • You know you need more business but you don’t want to be ‘salesy’
  • You don’t have all the pieces of the sales puzzle
  • You spend too much time on the ‘wrong stuff’
  • You don’t fully understand your audience
  • You don’t see the rewards you hoped for from the time being put in
  • Overwhelm sets in and you have lost your sense of direction
  • You are not clear on the outcome you are striving to achieve
  • You don’t know who to listen to as everyone has a different view

Every day for 10 consecutive days you will receive an email. Each email covers one of the above topics:

That email will include a link to your 10 minute podcast on the topic so you can listen however and whenever it suit you best. These are full of thought provoking ideas and light bulb moments, followed with some tangible actions you can take. You also get a worksheet to record your thoughts and actions to keep you on track.

The programme includes your own login account on our website which enables you to go back and relisten to the podcasts and download the worksheets.