3 Routes to Sales Success

Let’s be honest if there was just one way to success we would all be doing it!

My hugely successful 6 week programme is for Coaches & Small Business Owners who are serious about increasing their sales.

This programme is for a maximum of 6 people, no hiding here as we mean business and you are coming for results.

It’s a combination of Sales Training, Coaching and Accountability because sometimes we need someone to give us the answer, other times we want someone to help us find it and being accountable is what makes it all happen.

It comes with tasks between our sessions, it’s intense but we do a fair bit of laughing too and it will give you the results when you put the work in.

It also includes two one hour 1:1 sessions.

To find out if this is right for you book a call and let’s find out.

It’s limited places the next start date is September 2022.

What makes this programme different?

I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk and I know a one size approach doesn’t fit all.

When you start a business you are experts in your field but for many sales is really not your thing.

This programme is a combination of sales training, coaching, accountability, support and action taking.

Our 1:1 time focuses on what is important to you in your business and tailored to your needs.

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The objectives

We only know what we know don’t we?

One thing I hear all of the time is I don’t want to be salesy I just want to help people – music to my ears (and your client’s)

You will come away from this programme being clear on

  • Who you are helping
  • How you are helping them
  • Where you will find them
  • What questions you need to be asking in that all important call/meeting
  • Where you should be spending your time
  • What is working and what isn’t

I guarantee there will be plenty of lightbulb moments

Who is it for?

Coaches & small service based business owners who are either at the start of their journey or established business owners who have lost their way.

You are ready to taken action, be accountable and looking for a Cheerleader and a Challenger to help you get your results.

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How does it work?

  • 6 week programme for 6 people
  • 6 x 90 minute weekly group sessions with weekly tasks
  • Two one hour 1:1 coaching sessions (worth £160)
  • 1:1 Weekly accountability exchange to keep you on track
  • FREE access to my 10 minutes 10 days 10 actions programme (worth£97)
  • 2 FREE visits to the Make It Happen Hub

What does it cover?

  • Get clear on your brand, identity and what makes you different
  • Dig deep into your ideal client and where you find them
  • Taking action – passive and targeted
  • Looking through the eyes of your buyer
  • Know your no’s
  • The 5 steps of a great ‘sales’ conversation
  • Spending time in the right places
  • Identify what is stopping you

Next start date

6th February 2022

Package – £325

(payment options available)

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