1:1 Sales & Accountability Coaching

We start a business because we are great at what we do but for many small businesses sales is not their thing. I help my clients find the missing pieces of their sales puzzle which will help them generate more sales opportunities.

These sessions are bespoke and tailored to what you need in your business and it all starts with a free 30 minute exploratory call.

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Action and accountability

Every session we agree on next steps and actions focused on the goals and outcomes you want to achieve.

Weekly we catch up on your actions – the accountability element is key to making things happen.

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3x 60 Minute Sessions - £260

We don’t just identify what actions you need to be taking we then plan and date the tasks to make sure they happen.

If something isn’t happening I’m going to help you through that – there are always answers and solutions!

If you know you need some accountability and focus this is really going to keep you on track and will transform your business.

Our sessions are planned every 2 weeks with a weekly email update – because I love to know how it’s going.

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