Could additional coaching and training help your business?

2SummitUp offers a wide range of services, including Workshops, Webinars and a support package for small businesses and individuals. Additionally we offer bespoke training, coaching and mentoring services for larger organisations that will provide the support, personal development and skill enhancement that can help to grow your business. Following an initial consultation, I will create a training programme based around your specific requirements which can be written and delivered by us or written for you to deliver.

Below are the main training and coaching modules that give a flavour of what I can provide to your business. Please get in touch for further details or if you have questions about different options as every service is bespoke.

Have you got a service or a product to sell but never seen yourself as a salesperson? Then this package  is for you - guiding you through the journey to  successful sales. We'll help you take a look at:

Your why

Your clients why

Creating the perfect pitch

Spreading the word - how, when and where?

Time flies - making sure you are the pilot

Analysing, reassessing, reviewing and of course celebrating success.

Accidental Sales People

 . . .  who need pointing in the right direction.

Business Support

As Senior Managers or business owners, one of our greatest challenges is being so busy and ‘managing the day to day stuff’ that getting to the root of a problem or reviewing our strategy is not always possible.

Yes we may well have a view, but is that the view of the team? Our actions are based on what we think we know and believe, but I am sure we would all agree basing our decisions on fact is where we would all want to be?

My support will help you to identify your ‘business blockages’ and by remaining objective and impartial, I am able to offer:

-  An independent voice to step in, to get ‘underneath’ the important team challenges/frustrations that your team face

- An objective view based on the exploratory sessions with your team

- Concise feedback with solutions and recommendations for training and coaching

- A team working in synergy which can achieve amazing things – and it can be much nearer than you think

So why me? Because I ask the questions and you just need to be ready for the answers!

Having worked for many different companies, I understand that for training to be effective, it needs to be bespoke. The services that I offer include:

Coaching leaders for growth  - 

Goal setting and achieving targets  - 

Time management  - 

Managing change  - 

Personal development training  - 

Managing different styles of people  - 

Motivating others  - 

 Leadership development training  - 

Bespoke Training

Maybe you’re part of a large organisation where it’s not strictly necessary or viable to have your own in house trainer? Or maybe you’re self employed or run an MLM or DS business and are looking for specific kinds of training and support?

I have gained a wealth of experience in writing and delivering bespoke training, together with a huge amount of success in the Direct Selling world, receiving two Direct Selling Awards in leadership and recruiting. I understand from my own experience that developing leaders and learning how to manage others is key to the growth of a DS business.

Is this something I can help you with?

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How we work


Drop me an email with an outline of what you are looking for and I will arrange an exploratory call with you. Please allow 30 minutes minimum.


You will receive a proposal which will include an outline of your bespoke training/coaching, the timelines and the costs for your consideration.


We will arrange a mutually convenient follow up call/meeting to discuss questions around the proposal and how it will move forward.