It’s great being our own boss – but it comes with its challenges. One of them being we are only answerable to ourselves.

I get it – we are only human we are spinning all the plates and it’s difficult to spin them all. But what if the stuff that isn’t getting done is having the biggest impact on your business?

Getting to the end of the week knowing you need to share your progress with your accountability buddy or coach really keeps you on track. I know because I have one to keep me on track.

It doesn’t matter who we are we can all dip into a bit of procrastination and overwhelm. Equally, who doesn’t love to share their successes with someone too.

We are going to work together to those outcomes that you want to achieve.

Be Accountable and Make it Happen

How is it going to help you?

  • It gives you weekly accountability to complete your important tasks/projects
  • Reduces the negative energy and stress of not achieving your goals
  • Helps you prioritise where you should be spending your time.
  • Gives you techniques to break down challenges into manageable steps
  • Helps you identify what is working, what isn’t and what is stopping you

Being accountable to just ourselves can be a challenge

  • You are tired of having the same conversations and nothing moves forward
  • You need a nudge, a sounding board and a challenger/cheerleader in equal measures
  • You are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and lacking clarity
  • You are looking for an accountability buddy/coach to ‘Make it Happen
  • You are busy but not achieving your goals
  • You don’t have regular processes and actions

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What does it include?

Two hours of 1:1 coaching

Weekly accountability

Motivation Monday audio message

Access to 2 online recorded training sessions with a personal development coach and an Organisational expert

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