[gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]There is so much more to a sale than the final transaction.

This is good news because we are more in control of it than we may realise. The bad news is that there are a number of steps along the way that we can lose the sale. But the great news is once we know the bit that isn’t working for us we can do something about it.


We can have the most amazing service but if we are not sharing it with ‘right’ people all our hard work will be ineffective which can lead to us being disheartened, doubting what we do and that feeling of overwhelm that stops us in our tracks.

My 6 week programme will help you gain clarity, focus and will help you find a whole host of answers that may be keeping you awake at night and realign you with your purpose and goals. For me, the toughest times without doubt are those when I don’t know what to do next.

The accountability struggle is real! This can really be the difference between something happening and it not happening.

There are many positives about being our own boss but being accountable to no-one but ourselves isn’t one of them.

This programme will help you create your individual action plan, with focus, purpose and accountability. With the support of not just myself but a small group of people on the journey with you to share your successes and challenges.

Together we are going to make it happen!

Who is it for?

Service based business owners who are either at the start of their journey or established business owners who have lost their way and are looking to reframe or rebrand their Company and need direction, focus and accountability.[/text_output][gap size=”40px” id=”” class=”” style=””]

6 Week Build your business accountability programme

[gap size=”40px” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]6 Week programme with a Max of 6 people

  • 6 x 90 minute group interactive live online sessions (will be recorded for the group)
  • Weekly actions from each session
  • Two personal one hour 1:1 online coaching sessions (worth £120)
  • 1:1 weekly accountability email exchange to keep you on track
  • Pop up Whatsapp group for those on the programme to share our wins


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What will we cover?

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  • Get clear on your brand, identity and what makes you different
  • Dig deep into your ideal client
  • Where are your ideal clients hanging out
  • What stops people buying – know your no’s
  • Creating the right questions to take you nearer a sale
  • What is stopping you?
  • Review & revisit your actions & results

All this will be wrapped up in celebrating our successes along the way and some fun stuff too.[/text_output]

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What does it include?

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Two hours of 1:1 coaching

Weekly accountability

Sales techniques

Support & encouragement

[gap size=”30px” id=”” class=”” style=””][text_output]Next start date 5th March 2021

Package – £245

Ready to take action and find out if this is right for youbook an exploratory call [/text_output][gap size=”30px” id=”” class=”” style=””]

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